Real stories from real farmers

We believe that the best way to showcase our offerings is through the real experiences of actual farmers who use our products. We’ve asked them about their day-to-day use, recognizing that each farm operation is unique. We invite you to watch and read the testimonials below to gain a better understanding of what our products can do for you.

“I can finally relax.”

On screen stories

Unique testimonials to watch

``If it rains at night, I only have to check my telephone to conclude: we have to go to another field tomorrow``

Johannes Straver

Dutch farmer
By using the sensors and app I can reduce my irrigation. The most optimal yield is obtained by using the available water the most efficient.

Jacob Branderhorst

Dutch Farmer
Always remotely keeping an eye on the weather conditions, it’s ideal. No more gambling, but making decisions based on facts .

Kees Koekkoek

Dutch Farmer
I would have never thought of a severe drought at my fields shortly after a period full of rain. Those sensors have saved my year.

Henk Groeneveld

My operations are way more precise these days. The app tells me whether I need to spray or not. No more gambling for me!

Dennis Smits

Dutch Farmer
The sensors and app absolutely are valuable to me, no way I would give them up

Kris Janse

Dutch Farmer
Michael Schippers recalls:

Precise measurements for precise knowledge